– Regional show Stránské u Rýmařova, 9.7.2022
breed and BIS pair judge: Mrs. Lenka Frnčová (CZ)
BIS judge: Mr  Tibor Havelka. Big thank you to both judges !
– BIS BOO, KV for Lucas (SBIS, C.I.B., Ch Farao Anubis Aldebaran)
– KV for Effie (Effie Tal Sannat Whispering Sand).
– BIS pair for them together 🙂 !

– IDS Wisla, PL – 1.-3.7.2022
breed and group judge: Mrs Gizela Makarewicz (PL)
– BOB, CACIB, CWC for our Effie (Effie Tal Sannat Whispering Sand).
Proud of our baby 🙂 !

– Intercanis Brno, 25.-26.06.2022, 2 PHs presented
Breed judge was Mrs. Monika Kuriata-Okarmus (PL)
group judge Mr. Lozić Željko (SRB). Thank you both for nice judging.
– BIG5, BOB, JBOB, JCAC for our Dandy (Celt‘ and Dac Sinuhé). So proud of him. He matures really beautifully.

– IDS Nitra, 10.+12.06.2022 (3 + 2 PHs presented)
Judges: Mrs. Mikolková-Betinská Zuzana (SK), Mr. Oliveira Rui (PT)
Sadly we couldn’t wait finals.
2x BOB, 2x CACIB, Crufts Q, 2x CAC for Lucas (SBIS, Ch Farao Anubis Aldebaran). By this two shows he completed his International (C.I.B.) champion title, and openned SK championship. Lucas is simply amazing.

– 2x NDS Branice (o/Racibórz, Poland), 09.+10.04.2022
Saturday: Judge was Mrs. Katarzyna Fiszdon, PL
– BOB, JBOB for Dandy (Celt‘ and Dac Sinuhé), who had his show premiere this day,
Sunday: Judge was Mrs. Aleksandra Lubaszka, PL
– NEW PL Champion, BOB, CWC for Lotus (Ch Farao Anubis Lotus).
So proud of our red-nosed kids.Thank you to judges for nice judgement, and BIG thank you Christelle, Radu and Majan for your trusting at us and our co-working. Love you !

– DUO CACIB Show in Brno, 05.+06.02.2022
Saturday: Judge – Mrs Ewa Górska (PL), 6 Pharaohs presented
Sunday: Judge – Mrs Kristína Vaníčková (CZ), 4 Pharaohs presented
2x BOB, 2x CACIB, Crufts Q, 2x CAC, 2x CAC-CMKU for Lucas
CACIB, res.CACIB, 2x CAC, CAC-CMKU for Lotus. I believe that Lotus completed the conditions for her Czech Champion title. Need check it :).
On Sunday we waited for finals, Lucas was handled by talented Terezka Šubertová, but they took nothing, but he looked absolutely stunning.

– National Show in Brno, 09.01.2022, 5 Pharaohs presented
judge was Mr. Peter F. Berchtold
We presented Lucas (SBIS, Ch Farao Anubis Aldebaran) with his sister Lotus (SpecW, NW Farao Anubis Lotus) for our team this time. Both did great. Was wonderful to see some of our friends again.
BOB, National Winner, CAC, CAC-CMKU for Lucas
BOS, National Winner, CAC, CAC-CMKU for Lotus.
So proud of them. We didn’t stay for finals this time.

– World Dog Show, Brno 30.09.-03.10.2021 / 27 Pharaohs presented
Judge was Mr. Guido Schäfer
This was our 3rd ? WDS in our lifes so far :D, I think each 10th year we were lucky enough and were able enter this prestigious show. What a honour for us take some great titles there again.
res.CACIB with CAC for Lucas (SBIS, Ch Farao Anubis Aldebaran)
World Promise 2021 for „our“ baby girl Effie (Effie Tal Sannat Whispering Sand)

– Floracanis, Olomouc, 05.09.2021 / 4 Pharaohs presented, all „ours“ 😀
Judge was Mr. Piskay Vladimír
BOG2, BOB, National Winner, CAC, for Lucas (SBIS, Ch FA Aldebaran)
BOS, National Winner, CAC for Polly (Ch Farao Anubis Luna)
Excellent 1st for Lotus (SW, NW Farao Anubis Lotus) and
Promissing for baby Effie (Effie Tal Sannat Whispering Sand)