National Gniazdów (O/Bedzin) 18.05.2024

16. National Dog Show 
Breed + Group Judge: Mr. Grzegorz Wolski (PL)

This was show premiere for our little girl „Shuri“ (Zecharia Princess Shuri). She took:

Junior BOB and BOB.

We showed her also the other day (Sunday 19.05.2024), but we resigned, because Shuri was not in mood and did not accept Mrs. judge. Well yes, this also happens :D, even in „experienced hands“. I’m no longer used to dogs that „do not co-work“ in the ring 😀 and even when I see such dog with other handler, I think – that’s really not good. And karma caught up with me :D. Shuri will be a bit of a challenge, and we will definitely never get bored with her at shows :D.