God gave us dogs as true friends, because he
    knew, we wouldn't be successful find such human.
Kazmercikova Denisa
Ostrava / Europe
Phone: +420 737 603 950
E-Mail: talsannat@gmail.com


D.O.B.: 14.02.2014
chip: xx

Eyes: -
Teeth: full dentation, scisors





> O F F S P R I N G <



> S I B L I N G S <



Norwegian Champion, NJV-14
Løveklippen's Love of My Life

09/2017 - 3,5 years old

Bred and owned By: Sonja Tørres, Norway
o/s: SweCh FINCh WW-14 HEW-10 HEW-11 FINW-11 NORDW-11
Farao Anubis Golden Gait
m/d: NordJW-12 Northgate's No Matter What

Z Výstav / From Show Ring ...
xx.xx.xxxx - -


Rodokmen / Pedigree ...(5 generations here)
MCh, WW Farao Anubis Golden Gait IntCh, MCh, MW Farao Anubis Kahiro JWW, Ch Antefa's Menkhar
WW, ICh, MCh Antefa's Kahira
SwedCh FinCh EUW-06 FINW-07 Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi MWW, ICh, MCh Farao Anubis Ramses
AMCh Mia Churuka Unchained Melody
NordJW-12 Northgate's No Matter What ICh, MCh, MW Northgate's Dom Perignon ICh, MCh, MW Farao Anubis Ikaros
ICh, MCh Northgate's Northern Lights
ICh, MCh, MW Shalimar Mia Affirmed AmCh Churuka Mia Evan Elpus of Hallam
AmCh Shalimar Wind Mia Neon Moon






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