Tal Sannat - Reservation Questionnaire

     Please answer the following questions to help us decide if a Pharaoh Hound is a good fit for your family and environment. This information will help us guide you in selecting the right puppy with the right personality for you. Or we may suggest that another breed might be better.

1) What is your name, address and phone number ? :
2) Please provide your e-mail address (required). Note: If your e-mail address is not entered correctly, we will not able contact you back. :
3) Have you carefully considered the amount of time, expense and responsibility involved in the care of a dog for 11-15 years? :
4) Do all members of the household agree on purchasing a Pharaoh hound puppy ? :
5) Tell us about your family. How many adults and children are in the household and what are the children’s ages ? :
6) Why do you want a Pharaoh Hound ? Do you know this breed has a specific character ? :
7) Do you live in a family house or in an apartment ? :
8) Do/will your dog(s) live: In home / Outside / Fenced Yard / Kennel / Other: ? :
9) Tell us about the dog’s environment ? Is there a fenced in yard ? What type of fence and how high is it ? :
10) What sort of socialization / training do you intend to give your puppy to ensure it grows up with good manners ? :
11) Tell us please what is your vision about your life with a Pharaoh hound. What do you like to do with your dog ? :
12) Are you interested in the following ? Do you want a nice house dog (just a family pet) ? Do you also want to compete in any canine activities (breed conformation - Showing, lure coursing, agility, obedience, tracking, flyball, Frisbee, etc.) ? Do you like to bike, hike, jog with your pet ? :
13) Do you plan to breed to acquire puppies ? If so, than what number of litters in life of the dog / bitch ? :
14) Are you interested in a Male or Female Puppy ? :
15) Are you planning to neuter / spay any dog that is not going to be shown in breed conformation ? :
16) What type of activity level do you prefer in a dog ? Active, middle of the road, or laid back ? :
17) What is a level of your practices with dogs and a care about them ? :
18) Please tell us about any pets / dogs that you may have owned in the past and why they are no longer with you ? :
19) Tell us about your current pets. Please list all pets that are currently living in your household. Include the breed (if a dog) and ages. Do they live in side the house all the time ? :
20) What is Your Work Schedule Like ? How much time each day to you think your puppy/dog will be home alone ? Will you be crating your puppy when he/she is home alone? :
21) What kind of feeding do you use, or plan use for your dog/s ? :
22) Please provide the name and phone number of your veterinarian as a reference. :
23) How did you hear of Tal Sannat's Dogs ? :
24) Do you have own web page ? If so, tell us please the address :
25) Your message for us. Or use this space to tell us any other information that you think would be helpful in choosing the right puppy for you. :

We like to chat with you about how a Pharaoh Hound will fit into your home.
If a Pharaoh Hound is a good fit for your environment, we will then accept
a deposit to reserve a puppy.

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