God gave us dogs as true friends, because he
    knew, we wouldn't be successful find such human.
Kazmercikova Denisa
Ostrava / Europe
Phone: +420 737 603 950
E-Mail: talsannat@gmail.com



Brood Bitch
20.03.2003 - 05.02.2016
Teeth: full dentation, scisors


3x CAC - CZ
2x CWC
2x NDSwR (BB)




> O F F S P R I N G <
C Tal Sannat / 12.08.2006
E Tal Sannat / 10.04.2008


> S I B L I N G S <




Specialty Winner 2004
DnR-Jericho's Double Shot

04/2014 (11 years old)

Bred By: R. Wautier, D. Mochalski, J. Gattes - USA
o/s: Ch Jericho's Nefer An-E Dowt DC, SC, FCh
m/d: Ch Jericho's Storybook Finnish SC, FCh

Z Výstav / From Show Ring ...
01.07.2007 NAT Ustroń, PL Exc.1, CWC, NDSwR (BB)
21.03.2005 NAT Ostrava, CZ Exc.1, CAC
19.03.2005 INT Katowice, PL Exc.1, CWC, CACIB, NDSwR (BB)
26.09.2004 NAT Brno, CZ Exc.1, CAC
xx.xx.2004 Spec Boskovice, CZ Exc.1, CAC, Specialty Winner '04
xx.xx.2004 INT Brno, CZ

Exc.1, JCAC (5 bitches at the class)


Rodokmen / Pedigree ...
Ch Jericho's Nefer An-E Dowt DC, SC, FCh Ch Merymut Neferkare Int'l PR, W97, Am DC FCh (eng imp) Merymut Birling Bahri (Malta imp to Eng)
Ch Merymut Astarte
Ch Jericho's Meya Pharaoh Jericho's Egyptian Image DC MC, LCM2, JOR, CGC
Ch Changa's Empress LCM
Ch Jericho's Storybook Finnish SC, Fch Ich,Nor,Sw,Dk,FinCh,NW-97, FinLCC-97, CopW-98
Siphra's Summernight City
S & Fin Ch Antefa´s Jem-Seti
Int & Nord Ch, Fin, Est, Dk, SwCh. FinW-93-95-97 Scheik´s Orchid
ICh Am DC LCM3, SC, ORC, CGC Jericho's Changa Alexandria Ch Kamaraj Jericho Q'Pidz-Er'o, SC, LCM3, JOR, CGC
Ch Changa's Empress, LCM






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