God gave us dogs as true friends, because he
    knew, we wouldn't be successful find such human.
Kazmercikova Denisa
Ostrava / Europe
Phone: +420 737 603 950
E-Mail: talsannat@gmail.com

Welcome to our webpage ...

... to a small hobby kennel for which the goal is a quality, not quantity of produced litters. We are located in the "heart of Europe", and it is - Czech Republic. Our Pharaoh Hounds are our family members and not "just" animals, their happiness is our priority. Any questions are welcome. Enjoy :) !


We are taking reservations for a litter
out of our plans for winter 2017 / spring 2018 !

After seven years we decided to make a litter at our own kennel :) ! We have high hopes for a combination which we choose as future parents (information to follow) !

Our girls:

ICh, Ch Amulet to Tal Sannat Whispering Sand (LT)
Ch Hard Black Jack Pharaoh Nia to Tal Sannat (HU)

For more information don't hasitate to contact us at: talsannat@gmail.com
You also can complete our puppy questionnaire here.


Friends' puppy plans for autumn 2017, Hungary !

Also we have the highest hopes for this unique combination !

ICh Ch Real Life Ahsoka
sire will be announced latter

Is not that easy find out really great combination, which fulfil breeder's requirements, at today's time, but I dare to say, that all our plans comply our hopes !

For more information don't hasitate to contact us at: talsannat@gmail.com, or you can contact the breeder at: letboniskennel@gmail.com
You also can complete our puppy questionnaire here.



2017, what's up:

      NAT Ostrava, CZ. Judge Mr Jaroslav Matyáš, SK.
(ICh, MCh Reedly Road High Five) - CAC, CAC-ČMKU, NatW / New CZ CHAMPION + New ČMKU CHAMPION
Kofi (ICh, Ch Amulet to TalSannat Whispering Sand) - CAC, CAC-ČMKU, NatW, BOS



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updated: 19.08.2017


If you would like me to draw your pet, than don't hesitate to contact me at  talsannat@gmail.com







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